Property managers, simplify, improve and better manage your inspections .


Are you a landlord ? Keep precise visual record of your property .


Renters, create indisputable visual inspections & amp; keep more of your deposit .


Save Time, Increase Customer Satisfaction, Preserve Assets, Cut Down On Disputes

Property Managers

Setup inspections quickly based on property details, customize based on your needs . Have the tenant take photos of important areas, or have your inspection team do the work while you advise them .

Landlords & amp; Owners

Real estate is a large investment, ensure it's treated as such. Work with your tenants or a property manager to create condition inspections at the beginning, middle, or end of the lease. Review it on site or on the other side of the world.


Create a visual account of the rental before you move in. Invite the landlord or property manager in and discuss anything you find or would like fixed. Create a healthy and clear dialogue early and throughout your lease to both keep more of your deposit and get a stellar referral.


Armigent rental inspection dashboard

comment bubble Eliminate uncertainty for tenants and owners

Take photos of key areas and invite tenants and owners in to discuss anything found during the inspection. Build confidence in your management services and easily track the process.

Vacationers and long-term tenants can ensure their deposits are returned

Eliminate uncertainty. Take photos of recommended rental features and send what you find to property managers or landlords before and after your lease. Get feedback and discuss any issues to prevent misunderstandings.

Armigent Inspect property listing view
Armigent rental inspection condition feedback view

multiple device view Inspect the property on site, on time

Modern, no install required, and no per device pricing. Use Armigent on your computer, smart phone, and tablet to manage inspections at the beginning and end of a lease. Users can upload inspection pictures from anywhere, or add them immediately from their mobile device on site.